Jan 12, 2015      10-6pm

Tampa, FLA

Photoshop for Efficiency and Motion!

This All Day, Hands On Class [intermediate] will be a hyper-efficiency primer to start with, show you some little-used magic tricks that will save the day, help you design great graphics for your sports or senior work, and wrap up with a bit of Video Editing... yes, all that in Photoshop CC! We will also cover vital skills like Masking and image processor, action tricks and more.

Bring your computer and favorite files and we will build a marketing piece, and bring a few videos (or use mine), and learn a bit about motion. Special requests, of course, are always welcome and we will certainly highlight some difficult retouch issues that are common time wasters!

Learn from Suzette Allen, Adobe sponsored Photoshop Instructor of 13 years, and hybrid pioneer. She is down to earth, super patient and knows how to simplify complex topics and make them easy to learn!

To sign up for this class, sponsored by TAPPA, on Jan 12 in Tampa, FLA, contact Susan Black at 813-230-6472, or susan@BESPics.com

See samples of before/afters here: http://www.suzetteallen.com/TEACHING/Retouching-BeforeAfters/

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