Samy’s FZ1000 Launch Party

Sept 11, 2014

Carry Less, Shoot More!

Check out the latest brilliant Photographic Feat by Panasonic LUMIX… introducing the FZ1000! This great little mirrorless camera boasts a 25-400mm lens that is 2.8-6.3. AND it shoots 4K video!

Suzette Allen, Lumix Luminary and Hybrid Pioneer will be showing the images she has taken with the FZ1000 and will also do a live demo with a model showing how to use the camera’s features! Yes, even shooting 4K video!

Interested in getting still frame grabs out of your videos? She will show you how easy it is to capture beautiful still frames that will rival your still shots!

A little bit of Lightroom and Photoshop/Premier CC magic and a whole lot of inspiration! Come and see this fabulous little camera and how it will transform the way you shoot, create and travel!

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