IE 2014 Hybrid (video+photo) Photography:

Learning Outcomes MODULE ONE:


Video filming, tech terms, motion concepts, equipment, audio and editing basics, file prep and simple show creation.

Using your DSLR or DSLM mirrorless camera, You'll learn how to creatively combine photos plus video plus audio or music to create simple hybrid eproducts.

You will understand video formats and know when and which ones to use You will be comfortable with basic video recording techniques.

You will know how to set up and use audio equipment for interviews, talking business cards or business marketing pieces.

Each student will be able to create their own e-card pro or talking business card. Each student will also create a hybrid "Reel Life Story" with Pro Show Web and learn to generate, download, embed and share the final piece.

You will learn how to record quality audio and use a variety of microphones Students will learn how to shoot efficiently for a variety of final products: hybrid templates, ReelLife Story or custom editing

You'll be confident using a video tripod and have experience using a variety of camera rigs and slides.

Students will be comfortable with video terms and concepts, quality settings, Workflow and file trimming.

White balance methods including custom white balance will also be explored and practiced.

Students will also gain an understanding of frame rate shutter speed and aperture and the correlation to video

You will learn how to coach families or individuals to create fun scenarios and capture compelling motion for video.

Light room editing and trimming as well as simple show making will also be included.

You'll be able to edit and trim video for custom or template creation

Students will be exposed to the concepts of writing a script, creating a simple storyboard, film concepts or scenes, for assembling a short marketing piece for either themselves or clients.


HYBRID 102 eProduct Creation,

template use, custom video assembly and output/delivery.

Students will be comfortable with Lightroom workflow and video trimming and enhancements for eproducts.

Students will be downloading & using hybrid eTemplates after prepping files with Lightroom, for auto- assembly speed and profit.

You will learn how to make a custom video product using Photoshop CS6 or creative cloud.

Using keyframes and custom transitions along with slow-motion and watermarking will also be covered in Photoshop

You will know how to render video and know what kind of options and settings should be used for specific uses, as well as compression and format options.

Students will also be familiar with using dropbox

Using the timeline in Photoshop CS6 will be covered as well as how to apply transitions and text addition and importing music for a custom designed product

Exporting settings and formats will be covered for posting to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google, and some websites.

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