TWO PROGRAMS!! Travel & Portraits

Taught by Suzette Allen

Put Your Travel Photos in Motion

11am - 12noon ($15/person)

Adding a little video to your travel and fun photography can breathe life into your memories in a way that you can’t imagine! Just about all of our cameras have video capability, but are we using it? Some of us are taking a few clips of motion, but what about creating finished works to enjoy? What can we do with the videos once we shoot it? Take the mystery out of video creation and let Suzette Allen, premier photography and Adobe educator, show you how to add compelling motion to your videos, get good quality footage, edit painlessly with Photoshop Lightroom 5, and create finished moving photo-stories of your travels, your fun, your family and your memories! It doesn’t have to be overwhelming—let’s make it FUN!

Suzette uses a Panasonic Lumix GH4, GH3 and GX7. Check out the 4K capability and the ease of mirrorless technology with video!


Put Your Portraits in Motion

1:30pm - 3:30pm ($25/person)

Storytelling images are the core of portraiture, revealing the beauty and uniqueness of our subjects, and we have spent decades refining our craft with still images. But technology has put video in our hands and made it so easy to capture the life and unique personalities of our clients! Now comes the new stuff—the foreign terms can overwhelm or frustration of new technology… But, Wait! Suzette Allen, Adobe educator and pioneer of Hybrid Photography, along with her husband Jonny, will show you fast and easy (and profitable) ways to integrate some motion into your still portraits and painlessly edit and create finished shows (eProducts) with them!

This class will cover all the options and tech terms of the video/hybrid workflow, from tech terms and settings for capture, format suggestions, selection and trimming of videos with Lightroom 5. The final portion of the class will be how to assemble a finished eProduct with video footage. Included in that demo is Lightroom 5, Photoshop CC, Pro Show Web, and eTemplates. This is a must-see for anyone with their eye on video and a desire to see the magic in the future of our industry! Storytelling vignettes and Moving Portraits are the new language of our era—learn how to capture genuine personality with motion, revealing the fun and unique personalities of your subjects, whether they be friends, family or clients.

Sponsored by Panasonic LUMIX.

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