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Suzette Allen, Cr.Photog., CPP, API


Jump into the action with Motion Portraits! Hybrid Imaging and video is transforming our industry, and we as portrait photographers can take advantage of this new direction and technology and take it in stride. Join Suzette Allen, a long time WCS fan & faculty, and learn how to integrate video and motion into your still photography services and create Motion Portraits, Talking Portraits and Hybrid eProducts!

Suzette makes it easy for photographers to embrace technology and you can learn to do video and hybrid painlessly in her class! Using your DLSR or Mirrorless Camera, with easy-to-use software and auto edit solutions, you will learn how to plan, shoot, edit, create, deliver and sell your eProducts. Jump onto the Hybrid Train before you are left running after, trying to catch up later! This new direction is no different than the transition from film to digital, although easier…. Don’t wait; get into the action Now—Get Your MOVE on!!

Hybrid How-To

Camera Settings

Video Tech Terms

Shooting Techniques

File Management

Hybrid eProduct Creation (auto edited & custom)

Other Creation Solutions

Posting and Selling/Delivery


Suzette Allen, Pro Photographer of 25+ years, has been also been a leading educator in our industry for over 12 years, helping photographers embrace and understand Digital, Photoshop, Workflow and the technical side of our creativity process. Now she is leading the charge into the new era with HYBRID Imaging, combining stills, video and audio to create compelling portrait eProducts that clients love! In her usual down-to-earth style, she makes even tough concepts easy to understand and fun to learn! Be inspired and challenged with fresh creativity and new ways of communicating visually with HYBRID images…. the artful blend of stills, video and sound!

eProduct LINKS:

Natalie & Boots: 15 sec

Oliver Skate CCard: 33 sec

Brianna Grad: 59 sec

Selah Model-to-be 91 sec

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