July 16, 2014 Two Evening Programs!

Suzette Allen, Cr.Photog., CPP, API

Hybrid Photography …

Adding motion to your portraits with a bit of HD video!


Learn how to utilize the power of Motion and add Hybrid eProducts to your services! Clients go crazy over the short videos we make incorporating their stills and a bit of motion! Come learn how to shoot it painlessly,  edit down quickly (with out losing your life in editing) and how to assemble compelling and selling eProducts that your clients will love! Suzette will also show how to use Lightroom 4/5 to edit video, ProShowWeb to create fun shows and Photoshop CS6 or CC to create Custom Videos as well!

Photographers willing to reinvent themselves are the survivors... dont miss this vital taste of what is new and exciting and bringing in the new clients!

Photoshop Secret SOS…

the top 26 tricks and rescue tactics every photographer needs to survive!


Action Tricks… how to not poke your eyes out in frustration or waste time with lame actions

Align & Distribute… OMG, it is so cool if you ever make composites!

Auto Align… headswaps, here we go—breakin’ the speed limit!

Blend If… whaa? Ok you have to see it to believe it!

Blend mode scroll… Ya, I know you hit each one to see it…you will always use this now!

Content aware heal & fill… Yep, it IS as amazing as you hope it is

Dust and Scratches… the Only way to do restorations. It’s a classic magic trick with History

Faux Cropping… you would be surprised how easy and flexible it is. My masked friend.

Fixed size ratio… who knew this lil’ jewel has been lurking on the option bar all this time??

Font scroll… the FAST WAY for us FONT JUNKIES

Hair Holes… for our clients who are psychotic about their hair --and you care!

High Key Comp… unbelievably easy. Enough to make you shoot on white a lot more often.

High Pass… the secret sharpening tool you would NEVER find in a million years.

Lens Blur… its new, it’s cool and you just need to see it.

Liquify… a straightforward and predictable method that works like a charm on ANYone’s rolls!

Mask Shortcuts… You should be using these every day and know them by heart

Mask Blur Panel… So easy—so handy—did you even know it was there?

Moire Fix… ok, so it’s not an everyday problem, but when you need it—BINGO! So stinkin’ cool!

Perspective Crop in CS6… Why did they move it? and break it? Ok, I guess it still works.

Puppet Warp… not an everyday need but it’s just plain awesome to see it work!

Red Face Fix… I know you are doing this wrong. I will help you record this to be an instant action!

Refine Edge… completely bitchin’—literally impossible the way it works! * THE REASON you upgrade

Solid color… you never knew it existed or how useful it is! Woohoo!

Teeth-Yellow fix… 9 seconds to perfect white teeth every time! No joke!

TShirt tweak… and any other clothing alignment issue SO EASY

Video Transitions… YUP, you CAN edit video in PS and its pretty darn amazing!

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