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Photo Pro Expo

Cincinnati, OH       Feb 9, 2014

Suzette Allen, Cr.Photog., CPP, API

OUTLINE: Jump in to the World of Hybrid!


Need something to set your photography apart from the rest? Suzette Allen is here to show you how easy it can be! Hybrid, the combining of stills, video and audio, is turning heads everywhere and people are taking notice! Suzette will share the simple techniques that you can implement now and show you how easily you can use hybrid e-templates to get you noticed, too. And if you are already familiar with shooting video with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera, Suzette will give your pointers to help you fly through the process. From what to shoot and how to record it, to how to maximize motion for impact, you will see what tools you need (or don’t need) as well as a demonstration of some of tools and rigs available to give your images and eProducts a professional look. Once you have captured some Video+Stills+Audio, how do you put it all together to make a finished piece with impact, or create an eProduct that you can sell to a client? Let Suzette spell out the options for you and show you the many ways to create hybrid products! The easy way, the really easy way and the super-easy way! All the new terminology and tech doesn’t need to be overwhelming! You can start embracing it at any level and enjoy the process of learning and creating HYBRID eProducts that get attention. From editing to creation, using Lightroom, (perhaps iMovie), Auto Editing, Photoshop, Premier and ProShow, you can see how to put together a fun eProduct and start creating today! Sponsored by LUMIX G


• Hybrid How-To

• Camera Settings

• Video Tech Terms

• Shooting Techniques

• File Management

• Hybrid eProduct Creation (auto edited)

• Other Creation Solutions (proshow, photoshop CS6, etc)

• Posting and Selling/Delivery


Natalie & Boots: 15 sec https://vimeo.com/69495970

Oliver Skate CCard: 33 sec https://vimeo.com/64768424

Brianna Grad: 59 sec https://vimeo.com/66867437

Selah Model-to-be 91 sec https://vimeo.com/64769638

Jenny’s Hope 2:10 https://vimeo.com/71990894

Hybrid info

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