HYBRID Imaging: Get Moving NOW!

It’s true, most photographers are not sure how to profit from HYBRID photography and Talking Portraiture, but as soon as they see how we have used it to bring in a lot of new business, they get it! Adding the depth of movement and sound to our respective brands of portraiture is becoming more practical everyday and easier to shoot, too. But how do we add a touch of video and audio to our still photo skills in order to profitably make, sell and deliver eProducts along with our printed products? Hours in post processing is the quick way to disaster with hybrid, so instead I choose to work along a different path and take advantage of the auto-editing solutions that are now available and up to my standards. This program will help you understand what you need, where to start, and how to create Hybrid eProducts from your photo+video+audio files then how to deliver them to happy customers that come back for more. Using any type of camera that shoots photo and video with audio, we will cover basic camera settings, video tech terms, shooting techniques and file management, then at the other end of the process we'll actually create a finished eProduct for you and unfold your professional future filled with moving images, sounds of voices and this magical new world of creativity and expression! Decide NOW, to jump in and begin the process of learning Hybrid so you can be on the cutting edge, ready to produce and profit from Hybrid eProducts!


Hybrid How-To Camera Settings

Video Tech Terms

Shooting Techniques

File Management

Hybird eProduct Creation (auto edited)

Other Creation Solutions Posting and Selling/Delivery

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