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Yearly Planner, A Bay Photo PRODUCT

End of the Year Idea and Bonus for your Best Clients!

Its nearing the end of the year and the busy family portrait season—not to mention, gift giving season! Here is one of the most clever portrait products I’ve seen that is Big on impact and value, but small on price! It’s also one you may not have seen in the Lab catalog…. Its’ the Yearly Planner!

This new product called Yearly Planner is neatly buried inside ROES ordering software where you might not have seen it. This little pocket size [or larger] calendar/planner boasts 14 images with calendar pages in between! Images for the 12 months with a front and back cover. They are offered in 5x5, 8x8, 8.5x5.5 or 8.5x11, and have a side spiral spine for easy planner access! They also can be printed on glossy or matte or pearl, linen or watercolor papers! Wow! This is now my “Idea of the year”! Bonus Idea for your best clients and orders: Your client has ordered a very nice order, and there are a few more poses that she would love to have, but she is nearing the end of her budget. Perhaps she just needs a little boost to commit to that wall portrait….? Well, a personal yearly planner with 14 different poses (maybe you can throw in a few extras to be the hero) could be the answer to make her happy because now she gets ALL the ones she wanted and make YOU happy because she gets the wall portrait or larger package you wanted to sell! It’s a win–win and makes a lovely treat she will treasure forever!

Gift Idea for YOU:

OK, so print competition deadline is past. And you could only submit your top 4 images… so what do you do with the rest of your “very best” that didn’t make the final cut? Hmmm… they are all great images but don’t really go together as a story, right? If you are like me, you have at least 12-14 really great images with which you WANT to make SOMETHING!

Well, This is the perfect product that YOU would probably use every day! [AND it just might make some great gifts for either your best clients or your own family at the holidays!] It ALSO serves as a great keeper for you, showing off your best portfolio images of the past year! [I wish I had thought of this idea years ago and had a little calendar from each of the past 5-10 years so I could see how my images have changed!]

So sit down and pick your top 14 images, toss on your logo and a cover title and order that planner for yourself! Lets start a fun tradition! Baby Plans, Senior Portfolios, Family sessions…..there are so many ideas that work great for this little product that is easy to order and makes a great (functional) showpiece to show off your amazing photography.

Bay Photo has perfected making your beautiful images into amazing printed products.

See the yearly planners here: (near bottom of page)

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