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Maple Wood Prints

What’s one of the freshest ways to present your images in a relaxed and uncontrived style? On Maple Wood! I’ve been shooting a lot more travel images lately along with environmental portraits, and they especially lend themselves to the Maplewood flavor. It is beautifully earthy and warm. But it works for portraits too, even close up faces! Because there are two ways to print, you can pick what works for your image. The white or very light areas show through the color and grain of the wood beautifully, for a very natural look, but if it is a face, or a pretty sky, sometimes you don’t really want the grain to show. So that’s when you choose a white underlay that not only blocks the wood grain from showing through but cleans up the color shift (warmth) per se for a cleaner more neutral look.

The other thing I like is the variable edges width. While the wood doesn’t need framing (the nice wood grain on the edges looks great and has a drilled hangar), it looks nicely finished with the image printed smaller than the finished piece, with options of ¼” to 2” borders to choose from! You CAN do it flush with no border, but in my opinion, it looks more finished the other way. I am excited to present a fresh new photographic product for my clients’ home décor and for my own artistic images! For outdoor portraits and stylized landscape images, I feel the Maple Wood is a perfect, earthy presentation, where studio or modern images lend themselves to a more polished presentation like metal or acrylic.

To see more options and learn more about Maple Wood prints, visit MAPLE

Wood Print Boxes

Wood print boxes have stolen my heart! Now that I have been traveling a lot more, I find myself with many images from a single trip and I want to tell the story—and it takes more than just one image! But sometimes a book is not the answer- I want to display my little beauties all year! Well the Wood Print Box is like the perfect Souvenir filled with all the killer images you took on a trip AND has a bamboo block inside to stand up those images as a little changing gallery all year! It’s so ideal!

Of course it could be a great way to display favorite family portraits or seniors or pets too- and you can even fill it with other things like momentos or special keepsakes. It can be personalized with an image on top, OR a logo, but my favorite presentation is this: My favorite image on the top with the false bottom engraved with my logo, with the bamboo stand hiding underneath!

It’s the ideal memory from a very special trip I never want to forget!

AND if I’m clever, I can toss in a jump drive with the images on it, down with the bamboo base in the secret compartment…. Cha cha cha! The coolness and cleverness is off the charts!

OH but wait- there’s more!! —Here’s the cherry on top!

.....THEN..... you can connect the image on the box to a video or slideshow of your trip with Live Portrait! Ready to share in an instant- the image, the video, the memories and fun!

OH-OH-- but wait! what if you did a Live Portrait interactive Image of EACH image in the box showing each adventure on the trip!?  :)  Best Vacation Album Ever!

Bay Photo is always rockin’ the coolest photo products! Wood Boxes

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