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It’s a fabulous gift for clients to give --and you, too! What do we do every year when its time to decorate the Christmas tree? Whether it is a real tree or an artificial, small or huge, we drag out the ol’ box of ornaments and take a walk down memory lane as we hang each one on the tree! We talk about the year the kids made the button and felt ones and the melted plastic ones that burned in the oven….oh, the stories and memories! Those memories flood over us when we open that box and it’s one of the things we love most about Christmas!

Last year, I gave everyone in my family metal ornaments with our family portraits. Wow- what a hit! And I made a few for myself too, which I love! I took out my metal ornaments from the last couple of years and of all my ornaments collected over time, they are my favorites! Especially the one of me and Daddy, since he passed away last year! So this year, I am showing them to clients as an ideal gift item, one that will be cherished and kept in a special place and seen every year without fail!

So encourage your clients to give ornaments as gifts and make some for themselves too. It is a great tradition and they last forever, unlike some of the ones we made when we were kids! A great way for you to bless your best clients [and for them to remember you every year] is to surprise them with an ornament with their order, too. This year I gave a few of my special clients (and my pastors too) a surprise Metal Ornament gift.

Of course, at Christmas time, an ornament is always a nice touch—it can be a gesture of thanks for a hostess or friend, a cute decoration to accompany the bow on a package, a friendly hello to a special coworker… But a Portrait ornament of someone they love? I know THAT will become a keepsake that is treasured for years and will be brought out every year at this time and remembered! Of course I will put my logo discreetly on the bottom, but what a great [memorable] way to remind your clients and your friends that you are their family photographer!

Check out Bay Photo’s many creative shapes and see how easy it is to order with ROES! They are beautiful, affordable and oh, so memorable, gaining in value every year. Make sure you are remembered next year—with an ornament and a smile!

Learn more about Bay Photo Ornaments here: (wood too!)


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