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As a total jewelry freak, I am beyond delighted that Bay Photo now offers custom photo Jewelry! I have designed and ordered a few samples for clients and myself, and even a few gifts, recently…. the overwhelming appeal is awesome.

The images are actually made from metal prints with a mid-gloss finish, bonded inside the raised outer rim. The pendant hanger is substantial and even comes with an 18" sterling chain. The necklaces are available only in silver finish so far, but they do come in three shapes and sizes; 1”x2” rectangle, 1” square, 1” circle, .75” square, and .75” circle. The small ones are pretty small, but for a simple, dynamic image they work!

I’ve created ones with logos, artistic images and portraits, and all mediums look great. When ordering, it is vital to use the template provided on the Bay Photo site, as there is a wide trim zone. But the interface shows exactly how much will be visible in the final product when you use the Roes Ordering window, so that will help you visualize and catch mistakes if you forget.

Necklaces are wonderful gifts for family members, especially grandmothers and moms, but there are so many inspirational opportunities as well, with your art or your words! Photography has a powerful way of saying so much more than words, and photo gifts can be the perfect gift that says the perfect thing in the language of the heart!

To learn more, click here:  Bay Photo Jewelry

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