There’s few things as fun as getting a photo Christmas card in the mail from a loved one! Not just a typical card or a luxury card, embossed and even 3-D with embellishments and foil, but a card that shows the faces and personality of your loved ones! That seriously surpasses the nicest cards you can find anywhere. It’s like buying an article of clothing—of any quality—and comparing it to a custom made suit or dress, fitted and designed for YOU! No comparison! Of course, it helps to have well- captured images that show personality, but what I love to do is create a story, or a theme that gives it added appeal.

Families love to do that as well (many do) and often come up with fabulous ideas of their own. I also love the beautiful finishes that is offered at Bay Photo, from metallic pearl to earthy watercolor or bamboo fibers! I can create a card in pretty much any style and choose a finish that is perfectly suited for the mood and flavor of their statement!

Glossy UV Coated Finish

I’ve been creating custom family Christmas cards for years (as well as grad announcements and baby announcements) and my customers rave about them and tell me how everyone KEEPS their cards on display all year! Quite a few have a tradition going over 10 years, of creating a special card every year! The Semi-Gloss Smooth finish is great, but choosing a special finish adds a lot. I typically use UV coating for anything with a lot of black in it and especially with lots of color, because it makes it deep and saturated and very dynamic. Modern, clean, high-key on all white looks great with Glossy UV coating too.

For earthy designs, I will choose Art Watercolor or sometimes Art Linen. The textured surface and dull finish of the watercolor is perfect for the shabby chic or restoration hardware look, and certainly anything antique! Polaroids are a fun theme and I usually use art watercolor for them.

Watercolor Finish

Metallic pearl is a classy and soft finish that I typically use for soft pastel designs or low contrast looks, since it tends to make blacks look flat or dull. It is perfect for anything sparkly or snowy and is marvelous with the glossy UV coating on top! Wow!

Metallic Pearl Finish

I have to confess that Art Linen is my favorite of all with its textured finish that is slightly glossy, keeping blacks deep and colors saturated. In fact, Im sure at least half of my cards are done in Linen. Most of my clients say they trust me to decide because they are not sure…. After a while you get a feel for what works and what doesn’t, and over the years I’ve never had to reprint!

Linen Finish

The one thing that my greeting cards are is a great marketing piece! So many clients have called to say “ I have a beautiful card from the ____Family and I’d love to find out about having our family photographed!"

Greeting cards are not only a wonderful way to share with loved ones, but a great timepiece. As a Modern-Day Historian, I feel the Christmas or Holiday Card Tradition is a wonderful way to document and share the many seasons and journeys of life.

Learn more about Bay Photo’s beautiful Press Printed Cards.

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