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Canvas Giclee Prints by BayPhoto

Whether it is a Gallery Wrap or a Thin Wrap or even just mounted, Canvas Giclee has the look of quality and tradition. Today’s technology has helped us create a timeless traditional look that will stand the test of time and the discerning eye of the artist. Canvas prints can be mounted to foamboard, Masonite, stretched on bars or even wrapped around a gallery frame for many looks. The Gallery Wrap finish with the print wrapped around the frame, (and therefore a frameless finish) is quite popular. 1.5” thick is standard but Bay Photo offers many thicknesses to give the exact look and dimension you want. (see painterly girl on couch)

Gallery Wrap Details:

Typically, I get my canvases mounted on foam board or Masonite so it doesn’t warp or stretch over time, and maintains a smooth surface no matter what the elements. I also prefer the framed look, so that treatment is my most offered. The edges show so a frame is required. (see pink/blue hair).

For a modern look, it looks great to do a thin-wrap too, with canvas, which floats out from the wall. I love this for accent images, and mini art prints. (see colorful family)

While you may have seen photographic prints stripped and bonded to canvas, which is an exquisite and beautiful finish, Canvas Giclee is an inkjet-printed product, with many surface options, more size options, and the best part- a much longer archival life! There are new canvas products out there too, like Bay Photo’s Metallic Canvas! Wow! It’s dynamic and dimensional!

Metallic Canvas on Gator foam

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Metallic Canvas is a great finish for modern images.

I typically give it a glossy finish, typical of a real painting.

This is wrapped on gator foam, ready for a frame. Gator foam is light and resists warping, making it a great bonding substrate. 

Giclee canvas Thin wrap, ready to hang!

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For finishes, I typically go for a gloss spray, which is typical for a real painting where the artist would apply a Damar Varnish, which is a glossy seal and protectant for a painting. If my image has been digitally painted with brush strokes, I would first add physical (and 3-D) brush strokes with a painting medium to further enhance the depth of the painting technique.

Canvas is a wonderful top tier finish for your photographs, conveying quality and an heirloom status to the images you hang. Bay Photo also does a great job at making them look fabulous! Learn more about Canvas Giclee here: CANVAS GICLEE

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