Suzette teaches Hybrid (multimedia and video) and Photoshop classes all over the world, and photography too! You will see her at camera stores, photographic conventions, pro photography schools, and doing private consulting as well! Her passion for people and teaching, along with her keen understanding of imaging and technology make her a sought-after instructor in many venues!

Suzette has been teaching Adobe Photoshop for 15 years, and has pioneered what we call "Hybrid Photography",  the creative combo of Photos, Video and Audio!  She also is a mirrorless camera user, adapting well to the new technology of the day and making it work for her!

For her hands-on courses, Suzette is joined by her techie husband Jonny Yo, who is the Audio "sound hound" and helps with video tecniques and editing too. Together they make a great team, helping many photographers embrace technology and learn how to stay on the front edge of creative imaging!



For CS6, and Creative Cloud

Beginning Photoshop This class is comprehensive--all the basics and enough information to keep an intermediate user happy too. Focus on efficiency, using layers and working flexibly--teaching you good working habits to start from! This class is best as a 4-day but can also be pared down to 2 days for users who are somewhat familiar with Photoshop.

Intermediate Photoshop

The intermediate class is all the beginning vital topics at a much faster rate--PLUS a bunch of great time saving tools and techniques for added products and sales. This is my most popular class and many repeat it because there is so much information jam-packed into it!

Advanced Photoshop

For those who already are jammin' in Photoshop, you need to learn the "control-freak stuff" that can really push you into the realm of speed, control and creativity. This class is Intermediate/Advanced level and gets into the nuts and bolts of Photoshop. Using the preset manager, making your own brushes, programming actions and batch actions, using quick mask, working with layer sets, Style catalogs, custom desktops, using the bridge for more than browsing, using automated features, pdf presentations, smart objects, and any other special requests! We focus on fine tuning your tools and settings for maximum efficiency and also get deeper into the many creative applications for masks and blending modes, to name a few.

Album Layout and Design

The intermediate class focuses on making Coffee-Table-style Albums and taking the drudgery out of the time-consuming mechanics of getting the pieces together and lets you focus more on the creative end (what you're good at). We make actions and presets to speed up the repeatable tasks and learn tricks to manuever lots of images, layers, text and graphics quickly. You will learn ways to create without getting bogged down by too many options, and learn to be more free with your composites and not agonize over design. The goal is to be fast and efficient enough to make fresh, unique albums and still make a decent hourly wage! It IS possible!

Retouching like the Pros

The intermediate class focuses on facial retouching and enhancement, but also includes image alterations too. Learn to retouch like the professionals do (fast and efficient), set up your tools so you don't have to remember two million settings, and prevent the number one most common error in retouching: OVER-DOing it! You will learn how to use adjustment layers to fix skin discolorations, fix glass glare, photogray glasses, etc, and trim bodies with liquify, smooth out rough or blemished skin and enhance eyes for drama and impact. This class is a MUST for all professional photographers and will pay for itself over and over.

Composites for Marketing, Seniors, and Weddings!

Face it--Composites get people's attention. They are awesome for Marketing pieces, Senior Add-ons, Wedding albums, Baby panels, you name it! We NEED to know how to "throw one together real fast"--anytime we need it! This class gives you all the speedy tips to make it go together fast and we save them into templates so they are quick to make again and again to save time and make money with them over and over! This is a fun class and you will walk away with your own marketing pieces and templates ready to go!

HP hybrid class

In our hands on Classes, (typically 5 days at PPA Affiliated schools), we have the students document the week's activities and make a School Video, and we also do a variety of sessions where we capture video and still photos and create hybrid eProducts. Here are some galleries of projects completed at the schools this past year..

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