FEB 21-23, 2019



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Suzette Allen, fellow ordained River member and Photographic Artist, will be gifting the attending pastors and staff of the River Gathering with FREE location Headshots! A Picture of Hope Mini Locations session will be photographed in and around The Family Church in between classes and sessions during the FIRST TWO days of the conference. (limited sessions are available) A table and sign up sheet will be available in the foyer, please visit and sign up early as there are limited times. The special "free" rate is only for individual portraits and include one web-sized headshot image. (400px) Couples are welcome to be photographed together as well, but for a $20 fee, and also include one web-sized image. Mini sessions take approx 5-15 minutes. Because it takes a big of time to meet in the foyer and go out on location, buddying up with a friend who also needs a headshot can make it more efficient and more fun! [It just saves the time of navigating the property.] Grab a friend who makes you smile (you are not shy with) and help break the ice and get those great smiles while you take turns being photographed. (2-3 appointments at a time is best) One pose is included. Additional poses (web quality) are available for $50 and are fully retouched and enhanced. Higher resolution files are available if desired, for printing use and are $100 each and include the release for printing up to 5x7 size. Images are also fully enhanced and are print-resolution (1800px) but also include a web-optimized version for convenience and fast web loading. All sessions require a signed model release and images can be chosen from an online gallery. Additional purchases can be made safely through the online gallery as well. All digital files will be delivered via email, and do not require sales tax if delivered electronically. One of Suzette's passions and visions for the kingdom is to raise the visual image of every kingdom artist and minister. Join with her on this project to present ourselves well and in a beautiful light, visually representing His Kingdom with excellence. Let's create together: A Picture of Hope.


TIME SLOTS AVAILABLE: STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPDATED TIMES... THURSDAY 9:00-9:10 9:15-9:25 9:30-9:40 9:45-9:55 12:00-12:10 12:15-12:25 12:30-12:40 12:45-12:55 1:00-1:10 1:15-1:30 1:30-1:40 1:45-1:55 2:00-2:15 6:00-6:10 6:15-6:25 FRIDAY MORE TIMES TBD SATURDAY MORE TIMES TBD

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