All of these images will "play" a video when scanned with the Live Portrait app!

Simply download the app on your smartphone (available in App Store or GooglePlay) and use the app to scan the images on this page. The video will load and then play.  Once the video plays, pull the phone away from the image and then it plays full screen. [it is helpful to isolate one image by holding the phone close]

Of course, all of these videos COULD have been loaded into this page, but the beauty of it is that the video plays off the PRINT! (or in this case, the screen)  In this day of Digital images, the revival of the PRINTED IMAGE is vital for the next generation to know who we are and find their roots! Take time to PRINT your images, and then link them with the rest of the story--the "Reel Story"-- using live portrait and the video memories or slideshows you create! The connection lasts for years (perhaps forever) and the memories are always accessible-- anytime you look at the print. (it works on wall portraits wallet photos, album pages, billboards, ....and yes, even computer screens!)

LIVE PORTRAITS: scan with the Live Portrait app

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