Suzette's TBC (Presenter style)

Talking Business Cards are the modern business card solution for savvy business people who want to maximize their message and go for a solid first impression! It is a combination of stills, video and audio to showcase yourself in a short presentation.

Why show just a photo when you can present your personality? :D

Check out these fabulous Talking Business Cards that will pave the way for your clients to connect with you and establish a rapport before you even meet!

(Presenter Style TBC)


This is great! How do I get one?

First we need to decide which of the formats work best for your needs. They all have a video intro and the body of the card is your voice with still images showing your service or product. The end can be a video or just a still photo. We can make suggestions for a script or you can write your own. We recommend you practice your lines before the shoot, though, as it goes much smoother and more quickly. We will also need the images or video for the body of the eCard. If you do not have photo or video content for the card, we can discuss pricing to create it. We will also need a high quality logo in either PNG, EPS, JPG or TIF.

Personality Pro

How it works

When your TBC is finished, you can connect the video with your printed cards (see Live Portrait info below), embed it as a signature in your emails, embed it on your website, share on social media or just send the link. When viewing with the Live Portrait App, once the TBC starts playing, the viewer will have the option of clicking on the icons to call you, (if they are viewing it on their phone), or send you an email, or visit your website -- all with the click of a button!

Storyboard Style

Untitled photo

Time investment

Most Business Portrait sessions take 15 minutes in the studio to shoot, but up to 45 minutes to choose the favorite and retouch/enhance. That of course is up to you! You may also opt to post images online to decide later or have others help you choose.

The Talking Business Card filming session takes approximately an hour in the studio, between refining the script and testing audio and practicing delivery until you are happy. It doesn't work to rush it, so allow 90 min.

Delivery Time

Once your video clips are filmed and you provide the images and logos needed, we will typically be able to complete your TBC in about two weeks. However, we travel and teach how to create these videos all over the country and occasionally we will be traveling right after-- We will let you know if more time is required.

Storyboard [Narrator]

Untitled photo

Professional Hosting and/or LivePortrait sharing

LivePortrait is the hottest method around for sharing the talking business cards because they play directly on the paper card, on your smartphone! True! Just have the client download the free LivePortrait app and they can instantly see your card come to life. The wow-factor alone is worth this feature and the first 3 years are included with your TBC creation. 

Action buttons at the end of your TBC will allow your client keep in touch with you via your website or show your phone number! Stats  know how many views you are getting too if you want that service!

Double the Impact!

Untitled photo


Talking Business Cards start  at $475, and include a new headshot file for web and promotion, and 3 years of hosting your TBC on LivePortrait with  access to all stats! We will photograph and film you in our studio and coach you to get the best possible energy and confidence in your delivery. You may give us up to 7 images and short video clips to insert in your card, or hire us to create new content if you like.  Some clients opt to film on a different day though, using the first session for still photos and prepping for the TBC, with details on what to bring for the video session. Custom Cards are also available and require on location shooting as well as creative video illustration. Please ask us for a quote- we encourage creativity and innovative ideas!

TBC Styles and Formats

Business headshot $225

TBC Business headshot $125, (required with any TBC)

Talking Business Card Formats

Personality Pro: $350, (just the talking headshot, no images, one personality clip) [only available in studio, Sacramento, CA only[

Image Impact or  Double the Impact (2 people) $500  [has images in the middle over the voice]

The Presenter: $500(shows the subject talking throughout and has text in video)

Storyboard Style: $600 and up- Please ask for a quote. (includes video and stills to illustrate your script and more detailed presentation) (wide variety of options, so ask for a quote)

Includes the Pairing of the video with your card graphic, and 3 yrs hosting.

For us to create a custom business card for you, add $100. That includes graphic design of the card, 50 printed cards and the digital file for printing your own.

Tips on filming your Talking Business Card:

Keep it brief. This is not a commercial or an infomercial, but a form of introduction to your potential client to not only see who you are, but they also get to know you. Practice your lines.'Nuff said here, but it's not just the words, it's how you say it. Practice with enthusiasm! Let them know you care. Stay calm. So you've practiced your lines and it sounds great, but when you get in front of the camera, the butterflies start fluttering. Relax, it happens to everyone! We take it in small bites, some of which you can probably read off your script. Smile! We try to make this as fun as possible! In the end, we make you look great, and the finished piece is polished and professional! Trust us- we know this is your business image  and we handle it with care!

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