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This page shows the designs for the Luminary Team for 2017, that will be presented to the Dealers at the Dealer Meeting in February, 2017.

Each Luminary will have a layout showing a headshot and a collection of 1-4 images showing their typical or specialty work that they would usually teach on in a grassroots camera store presentation.

Each layout will then play a short video (under 30 seconds) showing them in action or a slideshow of their work, and a simple voice over. The Luminary's voice will describe their specialty, their passion or their perspective-- whatever is of interest to be shared with a dealer or camera store. This body of work will be in a printed guide [The Luminary Guide] for the dealer to choose appropriate talent for in-store presentations or promotional event appearances.

I (Suzette Allen) am putting together this AV presentation AND the book to be printed. Please send me the following items : (hopefully this weekend!)

1) your headshot

2) a few favorite representative images (3-5) for your banner

3) a short audio clip (introduce self and talk about what you teach)

4) 1-2 videos to represent you in action (5-30 seconds is adequate )

5) up to 10 more images if no videos are available, or to combine with them.

The short audio clip from you can even be recorded on an iPhone. It will  be the audio for your video. Ideally, we will also have a few images or videos to represent you. The Voice Over will need to be SHORT-- as in 30 seconds or less. Just a succinct 1-2 sentences is great.

The goal is to make a 30 sec show to represent you. If the video of you in action is shorter than 30 seconds, will will fill in the remainder of the time with a few stills to make them a consistent length/format. 

Thank you for your help in creating this guide that will help us spread the word and be invited to speak at more dealers!

See samples below of Luminary Highlights completed and ideas of how to go about it.

Feel free to contact Suzette (916-712-7377) or Tom (860-488-3663) with any questions.

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