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Welcome Worldcast Attendees!

Here are the headshots we took at the conference-- (so sorry it took so long to post these!). Please check out your gallery and choose your favorite pose by EXPRESSION only!! Don't worry about color or density or flaws-- I will be retouching you to look YOUR BEST as well as color correcting and lighten/darkening as needed! (and crop in tighter)

Remember the first web size file is free, and the others can be purchased. I have also added the option to buy larger (high resolution) files and even prints in case you want to give some as gifts or for yourself!

PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR FAVORITE POSE-- if you want you can text me OR email me [your name and pose number] .

Feel free to email or text me with any questions you may have. (suzette@suzetteallen.com or 916-712-7377).

We will still be on the road on our Photo Tour until Nov 16, but we WILL be able to deliver finished images as we go. [The upload of ALL the files on the road was far more of a challenge than I expected with pathetic wifi in so many places!]

Thank you, and enjoy choosing your best look!


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