Focus on Light is a Facebook Page and Instagram Portfolio of Images and words full of light. [Primarily words of life from the Holy Bible.]

Visit the FB page and follow for a daily dose of inspiration. I have submitted a post every Wednesday since Sept 1, 2019.

The site was created by Glen Clark, on April 22, 2012, and he has been posting DAILY since May of 2013!  Wow! (Almost NINE YEARS!).

As shared on his blog...." Here there will be any number of posts on the subject of LIGHT . . . whether Bright Light, Soft Light, Pale Light, Harsh Light, Subdued Light, Spot Light, Diffused Light, Direct Light, Bounced Light, Sun Light, Moon Light, Candle Light, or . . . HIS Light. Light allows us to see and creates the colors and shapes of our world. Light Shines ON, Reflects OFF, Illuminates, Shadows, Warms, Cools, and Glows. It’s always there . . . to some degree or another, from subtle to spectacular!"

Focus on Light Images

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