The BT Light Tour is about being creative and traveling light, but “heavy on good content” and will focus on Photography, Light and Mobile Creativity. #CreateontheGo #MobileArtLife

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LUMIX AMBASSADORS, Suzette Allen and her husband, Jon Yoshinaga will take ‘Bubble Trailer’ (a 1985 13-foot camp trailer) on a Coast to Coast Tour visiting their sponsors, photographers and speaking at many camera stores and photo groups along the journey.

The itinerary will be approximately 13,000 miles and begin on the West Coast in Santa Cruz at Bay Photo Lab and go to the East Coast at Panasonic in Newark, NJ. They will travel south from there to Key West, Florida, and then home to Sacramento, CA. They are planning to start the journey on September 6, and conclude November 14th, with ten weeks to travel the country and share images, videos, creativity, stories, and good cheer to photographers and photo enthusiasts. Suzette’s well-established following will take her to professional guilds and associations to speak, and she will balance that with camera store presentations and meetup groups along the way. Many stops on the path are to visit with other professional photographers to colloborate, create and connect!

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Supporting and promoting products and services offered by her sponsors is also key, since her focus is on education and helping photographers succeed by partnering with great companies. Panasonic Lumix and Bay Photo have been her primary sponsors and partners in her photographic career. It’s time to give back....

Social Media marketing: Daily posts on FB and IG and 1-3 blogs per week. Skip Cohen from SkipCohenUniversity.com will be assisting with posting on appropriate channels and keeping consistency when we are in no-internet zones.  We will be sharing with all industry partners to get the maximum engagement and most education for photographers! Giveaways and contests are in the works, too, including giving away a Lumix Camera System at each dealer event!

Class Topics: Free Classes at the Lumix Dealers will be mostly on Photography and Light with a focus on travel, traveling light, and mobile creativity and workflow for the traveler or on-the-go creative. The Workshops with Professional Photo groups have chosen to do custom classes, focusing on advanced Photoshop skills from Cutouts and Compositing to Mixer Brush Painting! See the Class Calendar for details on topics, locatiions, hours and registration links.

Appearances at Camera Stores or other sponsor locations will be fun and interactive! Here Bubble Trailer will usually join us in the parking lot to show off her mobile Metal print gallery and cute decor, share BT Tour swag, and sponsors’ products. She loves 'safe S’mores' with employees, students and photographers, AND we are building a gallery of "Friends of BT"! All of Ms.BT'snew friends she meets on the journey! Please tag her and share the fun!        We will often turn the photo shoot into an informational  portrait lighting demo with Bubble Trailer while we create fun pictures for Social Media, connect and share images and stories!

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Aug 14, 2019..... its the countdown! 23 days to go!!!

We launch on Sept 6 (not 7) from Bay Photo in Scotts Valley (Santa Cruz) CA!

We are delighted to announce our sponsors (click on bar to visit links) and gathering all the goodies to give away in our programs (22 of them) across the country! check out the schedule here:


52 Days until the Bubble Trailer Light Tour!WAHOO!!  (as of July 17)

SEPT 7-NOV 14    (💃💃💃Cha*Cha*Cha!)

We are SO Excited to travel the country and connect with photographers and share!! Bubble Trailer is patiently waiting for her new Logos from sponsors and she's ready to shine.... Her Solar panel is installed and she's a pro at charging up batteries for us and ready for the road! 

Here's a few of the Locations we are stopping to share the road stories, photo tips, travel photos, and hands on classes!

We have about 22 stops planned for classes and presentations....

Stay Tuned for MORE events and BT Appearances! 

BT TOUR MAP july 17 w text
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It’s Official! The BUBBLE TRAILER LIGHT TOUR starts in 12 weeks from today! (written on June 15) :) 

Coast to coast, from Bay Photo Lab in SantaCruz to Panasonic Lumix in Newark, NJ and down to Key West, FL and back! Almost 13,000 miles and aiming for 8 weeks! Just in the planning stages- stay tuned for the itinerary details and classes across the country! #travellight #seethelight #bethelight #campcreateconnect #suzettesays #liveyourdream #faithtraveler #adventureswithbubbletrailer #createonthego #SEEinspired #createwithsuzette #wherelumixgoes 😎

Follow Her On Instagram: @bubbletrailer

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This is the beginning of a new site for our beloved Bubble Trailer!

She's a 1985 Uhaul camp trailer that is 13' long. My parents camped for years before giving her to me in 2013, and we have since adopted and improved and customized her even more than dad did. :) Stay tuned for more photos and adventures (and history) of our little jewel and certainly, follow her on Instagram at @BubbleTrailer!

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