Tiny Bubble Trailer Flash Drive

Created by Photo Flash Drive!

The Tiny Bubble Trailer houses a handy 16-gig flash drive to save all your favorite files in one Adorable and Memorable tiny spot…. But it ALSO has a host of great discounts and information about the excellent sponsors and vendors we have partnered with on our journey!

Thanks to Photo Flash Drive for designing this tiny bubble of Joy!

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ORDER a Tiny Bubble Flash Drive!!

The best thing, is that $2 of your purchase goes towards WATTS of LOVE, and nonprofit organization that brings the LIGHT to some of the poorest regions and families of the world where they have no electricity! Wattsoflove.org provides not only solar lights for families and homes, but education and a way to help families support themselves with this light/battery device.

We are happy to be partnering with this great community of people, bringing Light and Love to those in need! Please visit wattsoflove.org to learn more, and we want to thank you for helping others through your purchase of the Tiny Bubble Trailer Flash Drive!

Created by PhotoFlashDrive.com

Purchase a Drive in Person $16 ($2 goes to WattsofLove)

Purchase a Drive Online $20 ($2 to WOL and $4 for postage/handling)

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