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A little background on our beloved Bubble Trailer!

She's a 1985 U-haul camp trailer that is 13' long. #CT13 U-Haul only made these tiny trailers to rent for about 3 years, (1983-1985) so they are fairly rare, and then used them as  rentals for quite a few years. 

In the early 90's my parents bought her for about $2500 and then camped with friends quite a bit over the next decade. Lawson's Landing in Dillons Beach, CA was their favorite place to camp, by far, often gathering a huge circle of friends in trailers and creating their own 'circle of wagons!' 

In later years, for health reasons, dad could not camp any more so he continued to tinker with the trailer, and we soon started calling her the "Chinese Puzzle" because he reengineered so many things in the trailer, like putting in trays and boxes where the closet was, a secret ice chest under the chairs, and custom steel racks on the outside for every gadget he could strap onto her poor little frame! The rack is still on and now holds a vital solar panel on top to charge all the batteries and devices, and the awning of course. We try to carry a simpler and lighter load when we camp, though, and rarely have her loaded down with everything like he did. 

My parents camped in Ms. Bubble Trailer for years before giving her to me in 2013, and we have since adopted and improved and customized her even more than dad did. :)

Here is a great shot of daddy, stepping out of the trailer with a beer in hand. I love this image, which shows how happy he was camping. This image from over 25 years ago, shows the custom rack on the door he made for the tulip cup holders (in primary colors) and hand-made skewers with wooden handles made from an old yellow broom handle. The rack and all those colorful (and useful) tools are still on the door, although the wood is painted and sealed in a bright blue to remember and honor Dad who wore "smurf-blue" coveralls every single day for about 50 years! #papasmurf 

My parents camped in Ms. Bubble Trailer for years before giving her to me in 2013, and we have since adopted and improved and customized her even more than dad did. :)

Improvements we have made so far:

Info coming.....

Stay tuned for more photos and adventures (and history) of our little jewel and certainly, follow her on Instagram at @BubbleTrailer!


Suzette Allen, Jon Yoshinaga [and Ms. Bubble Trailer]

(Suz: Cr.Photog., CPP, API) (Jon: Cr.Photog.)

Suzette Allen and Jon Yoshinaga, both Lumix Ambassadors and Photoshop Instructors, are always continuing on the journey to reinvent themselves to stay current with the changing landscape of photography. Majoring on creativity and innovation while embracing technology, they love to share their creativity with photographers and the world. Suzette passionately creates and shares her vision, as a Photographer and Educator, since she loves to TEACH creativity as much as she loves people and photographic art; while Jon is the behind-the scenes Techie, keeping it all working, helping to expanding their capabilities and being ‘Mr. Research’!

Together they travel and teach, (often with their beloved 13” travel trailer, “Ms. Bubble Trailer”) and enjoy helping others develop their photographic vision and skills. Suzette believes we all have a visual voice and possess creativity that the world is waiting to see! Majoring on Light and Love, their easy-going style is sure to inspire along with the beautiful imagery from their cross-country travels!

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