2018-09-12 ASP New Mexico Tour - SuzetteAllen


Sept 12-18, 2018 in New Mexico

We are super excited to be going with the ASP group on this tour and we will be camping with BubbleTrailer! Please join the fun! See the link above for the itinerary and details.

I will be doing a mini-class one evening on ReelStory Albums .

Multimedia Magic on the Road (or) [#MobileArtLife: Telling Your Story]

You travel, you see, you marvel; you long to share it all….

But how do you share your stories with your friends and family? How can you possibly capture the amazing FEELING of being there? How can you share a glimpse of what it was like to SEE the sights and FEEL the pounding of your heart as you peered over the edge….?

Well, short of creating a cinema film production, a fabulous [and practical] way is to share it with a book. But not just any book—a book full of multimedia images that come to life! As a professional photographer who believes in PRINTS and the glory of the printed medium, I want to share my vision in PRINTED photographs - ideally a coffee table book that can tell an extended story full of all the details. But what a book can lacks is the ability to tell the Reel Story—with the storytelling power of VIDEO!

But it’s a new era and Suzette will share her technique of telling her stories with prints, with the magic of Augmented Reality [LivePortrait] which connects her videos to the printed image. Now, the story can be silently engaging with images but even more engaging with audio and video if one chooses to enter in.

But it’s not just for travel photos, Suzette makes her wedding albums come to life with live video of certain moments….the first look, the cake cutting, the first dance! AND her family portrait albums show a side of the family we can only hope to capture in stills. Kids and Crazy fun! Sharing the family album takes on a whole new interactive experience when the pages come to life!! Yes, the senior albums too.

So join photographer and storyteller, Suzette Allen, with the power of Lumix mirrorless cameras and see how to tell YOUR story in style with multimedia, and have a blast doing it!

Dennis Hammond will also be doing a mini-class too-- and maybe more! 

American Society of Photographers

New Mexico Photographic Tour

September 12-18, 2018

This program for photographers is designed to highlight some of the scenic wonders of the Land of Enchantment. From the majestic mountains around the Northern Region to the vast sparkling white sands of the high-desert south, this tour offers countless opportunities to record some of natural, cultural, and historic wonders of the Southwest.




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