One of the less traditional products that I have learned to love, is the classic Metal Print! The indestructible part of it, of course, is a benefit~but there are more features! The ability to not only be frameless with an elegant float from the wall is wonderful, but the Creative Shapes are the best! It’s easy to make a very unique and attention-getting statement with a creative edge float in glossy metal! Of course, they can be framed as well for an indestructible finish that does not need glass. #classicquality.

(click on this image to see all the shapes offered- this page just shows the circular version of each size... so much more to see!!)

 Lately I have enjoyed the curved metals too. They stand alone on a shelf, making them a great add-on or gift item. Often I do a sheer surface if the image has water in it. One of my favorite images is this couple at the marina where they were engaged. The shimmery water is perfect for the curved metal and the sheer surface treatment. Having this sample in my studio also sells that finish because people can see the lustrous look and love it, not needing to just trust my judgement.

Untitled photo

The most recent addition to the metal line up is the EXT surface which is protected from UV, allowing for OUTDOOR use, even in the sun, for up to 3 years with no fading! That’s huge! We actually decorated our Bubble trailer with circular metal landscape images from our travels. It is certainly a conversation starter and we love seeing the images every day when camping on our many journeys!

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