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It’s becoming clear that VIDEO is king when it comes to capturing the viewers’ attention and also communicating emotion. More and more, we are seeing video being used for advertising, social media, information, education, and marketing. The portrait industry is no different, and photographers who want to stay relevant in the market, need to be fluent in not only capturing stills, but also capable with video.

One of the ways I have leveraged the power of video in my portrait work is to creates short HYBRID videos from my portrait sessions, creating heartwarming timepieces that are unforgettable! Here is one of my favorite Christmas Videos, early in my video career, and a more recent video of a magical moment with a two year old (Kiss frenzy)

Families are not always comfortable on video, but even if you get just a few moments of goofiness or interaction, a slideshow with those few video clips can often be just the memory maker that steals their heart!

The most powerful and profitable way I have found to use video with portraiture is to use it to ADD VALUE to PRINTS. I pair those prints with Live Portrait Technology for a fresh way to view both prints AND Videos. LOGO Live Portrait,is a service by which a video is paired with an image and the video is unlocked when the PRINT is scanned with the Live Portrait App on a smartphone. This makes the video handy at any moment to view on one’s phone just by scanning the print. Augmented Reality is the technology behind Live Portrait and the wow-factor just creates wonder and excitement with clients.

I often sell wall portraits and it is a fabulous way to turn that wall portrait into a showcase of the best moments of the session and document the fun. It’s also a great incentive to add it [complimentary] to any portrait over 30 Inches in length. (by the way these two videos play off of my studio sample prints, 30x40 and 24x24 portraits). I use Live Portrait (available through Bay Photo) to connect videos to Wall Portraits, Christmas Cards, Baby Announcements, Engagement Save-the-Date Cards, Graduation Announcements, Talking Business Cards, Brochures, Coffee Table Books, Wedding Albums, Marketing Postcards, and Greeting Cards. It is a simple drag and drop process to connect the image and video, and there is a 2 minute limit to the length of the video. The pairing is good for any number of views for three years. (renewable of course).

Most of my videos are actually hybrid (a combination of video and stills and audio) and less than 2 minutes long, which is perfect for using Live Portrait to enjoy by viewing from the print.

Learn more about Live Portraits From Bay Photo at this link!

Try it out now:

download the Live Portrait App on your smartphone and

scan  any of these images on this page: Interactive Cards

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