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Folio Jump Drives

They say you can’t stop a moving train, which is true! And it seems you can’t stop clients from wanting digital files from their sessions, either. In this day and age, you might as well say “yes”, and then tell them how much it will cost them. Price it so you feel good about it. Then deliver it in a professional, polished excellent presentation that makes a statement about how valuable and precious they are. I deliver my jump dries with digital files and /or wedding highlight videos or hybrid video on an engraved jump drive that fits snugly in a custom folio wrapped in one of their images. Typically, it is metallic with luster finish. I engrave the 8gig drive with their name on one side and my logo on the other.

Statement Made:

“These files are beautiful, valuable and precious, worthy of being displayed visibly on a shelf to see every day and so I always know where those files are”

Bay Photo helps me deliver my photography with beauty and excellence.

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