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Storytelling is a key part of photography. The main thing, actually! Many of my sessions have so much variety, how can the clients possibly narrow down to 3-5 images? What if they can’t part with 20-30? Albums are the best way to tell a photographic story with a series of images laid out beautifully in a book.

My favorite way to tell my clients’ and my own artistic stories is with the amazing Press Printed Albums by Bay Photo. The quality and luxury of an album is a stellar statement by itself. But all the senses are involved from the texture and sheen of the cover, with rigid or flexible pages full of color and vibrancy; it all comes together for a truly beautiful presentation.

I typically choose a hard cover, either padded or flat, and thick pages for my family or wedding albums. I can choose either thick or thin rigid pages, as well. The thicker ones for a more traditional or quality feel where each page has a core with images bonded to each side. For a more contemporary look, the new thin pages have two images bonded back to back with no core. Still rigid but slimmer and more contemporary.

For a senior album or baby album [or perhaps a parent’s album from a wedding], I will often choose a hard cover with flexible Lay Flat pages, giving it a sleek size but with flexible and durable pages.

One of the best features, I think, is the ability to create a photo cover which makes it very personal, BUT, the treatment options are fabulous. My favorite, for sure, is to use metallic photo paper for the image cover with a SATIN laminate! I don’t know who came up with this unique combo, but it is so dimensional and gorgeous. (and resists fingerprints!) It is totally gorgeous! 

Of course, the other option is to choose from the many fabrics and textured surfaces. I recently did a wedding with a western motif with lots of barnwood and the bride chose the Tooled Western Saddle and Dark Haflinnen combo with a matching Folio for her jumpdrive with all the digitals. What a lovely combination, worthy of a visible place in her home! see more info on Pacific Albums -- my fav for weddings! (see pictures at bottom of page).

#BayPhoto helps us tell our stories with style.

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Pacific Albums

When a client preserves the memories of something as important as a wedding, I only want to print it on something exquisite and well made. Something I’m proud to deliver. But I don’t want it to take 4-6 weeks to get it made! I ALSO want lots of cover options to meet the styles and desires of my discerning client. So of course, I have to offer Pacific Albums.

Two features especially stand out: the perfect 1mm gutter in the page crease means my panoramas are nearly seamless and won’t eventually get weird looking from bending over time. And the turn around time is only three days!! How they do it, I don’t know, but Bay makes the most beautiful albums ever! There ARE lots of cover options [actually 50!] from tooled leather to metal and acrylic, but my very favorite cover treatment is metallic photo cover with luster laminate. Yes, you heard correctly—the metallic has a glossy dimension it that is gorgeous but when you put a luster laminate on it, no only does it get a durable, matte finish that resists fingerprints, it gives it this incredible depth when combined with metallic! Of all the albums I’ve made, (not to mention folios and thin wraps too), this has been my #1 cover choice about 90% of the time!

If you’ve never tried the Pacific Album, give it a whirl. The pages also come in thick or the new modern thin pages too—for a more contemporary book with all the quality you expect from Bay Photo. Bay Photo helps us tell our stories with beauty and excellence!

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