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Acrylic Block Shelf Sitters

Bay Photo Product

I love little shelf sitters for desktop or shelf displays!

Typically they are just 5” tall or so, showing off your image in a big way for a small space. For years I have made them with a metal frame molding, which is an okay treatment, but now, with the new Acrylic Blocks, they look much more updated and modern.

I personally like the 5x7 size, but they come in cute little 3.5”x3.5” sizes too for tiny art prints, close ups or baby portraits! I call them Mini-Moments!

The acrylic is 1” thick, polished and glossy so it looks like glass, sits on any flat surface and shows off your images beautifully. I personally have one on my desk at home that I love! When ordering your Acrylic Blocks, it is a good to think about IMPACT and COLOR. Knowing it will sit on a desk or shelf, plan to choose an image with total contrast to the surface it sits on for maximum shelf appeal! Clean, uncluttered images and solid backgrounds are good, too, showing off the dimension and clean look.

Learn More about Acrylic Blocks here:

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