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Suzette teaches Hybrid (multimedia and video) and Photoshop classes all over the world, and photography too! You will see her at camera stores, photographic conventions, pro photography schools, and doing private consulting as well! Her passion for people and teaching, along with her keen understanding of imaging and technology make her a sought-after instructor in many venues!

Suzette has been teaching Adobe Photoshop for 15 years, and has pioneered what we call "Hybrid Photography",  the creative combo of Photos, Video and Audio!  She also is a mirrorless camera user, adapting well to the new technology of the day and making it work for her!

For her hands-on courses, Suzette is joined by her techie husband Jonny Yo, who is the Audio "sound hound" and helps with video tecniques and editing too. Together they make a great team, helping many photographers embrace technology and learn how to stay on the front edge of creative imaging!


In our hands on Classes, (typically 5 days at PPA Affiliated schools), we have the students document the week's activities and make a School Video, and we also do a variety of sessions where we capture video and still photos and create hybrid eProducts. Here are some galleries of projects completed at the schools this past year..

Hybrid Class Projects & Assignments

Marketing tools

Model Release (download)

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