Commercial Videos

Website Ad for a Product

Documentary Hero Story

Ad for Skincare Company

"Talking Business Cards"

can be used to connect with clients without even meeting in person. Show your personality and share your passion!  Valuable for use on a website or to be viewed from a printed card with the Live Portrait App. (Augmented Reality)

Talking Business Card : Sami Kader

Talking Business Card : Dr Peterson

Talking Business Card : Suzette Allen

Speaker Promo for Kevin Gilbert

Speaker Promo for Suzette Allen

Short visual stories to introduce a speaker- perfect for social media and website promotion!

Join the Fun with TNT Fireworks!

Silly Ad for our "All Day Photoshop Buffet"!

PPA Charities Studio Giveaway!

Videos are a fabulous tool for setting a mood and portraying a style! Feel the fun in these videos! 

650-ChooseZOE Cover

Video plays when book cover is scanned!

video linked to photo of Laura and her daughter

Videos can be powerful storytellers and these two below were used to tell the story for Laura Lynn Hughes, the author of Choose Zoe, a book about how a baby changes everything! The cover of the book is Video Enabled using the Live Portrait App, allowing the reader to scan the cover and see the video on their smartphone. The other video is connected to the portrait of Laura and her Daughter in the inside of the book!  A dynamic way to add depth and impact to your written message with the power of video!  

More Video examples....the great storyteller! 

Life Coach Talking Business Card

Sweetheart Lovestory 10 yrs Together

Promo for a Lumix Camera Event

LIVE PORTRAITS: Leverage Augmented Reality: These play on your phone from a Print!

All of these images will "play" a video when scanned with the Live Portrait app!

Simply download the app on your smartphone (available in App Store or GooglePlay) and use the app to scan the images on this page. The video will load and then play.  Once the video plays, pull the phone away from the image and then it plays full screen. [it is helpful to isolate one image by holding the phone close]

Of course, all of these videos COULD have been loaded into this page, but the beauty of it is that the video plays off the PRINT! (or in this case, the screen)  In this day of Digital images, the revival of the PRINTED IMAGE is vital for the next generation to know who we are and find their roots! Take time to PRINT your images, and then link them with the rest of the story--the "Reel Story"-- using live portrait and the video memories or slideshows you create! The connection lasts for years (perhaps forever) and the memories are always accessible-- anytime you look at the print. (it works on wall portraits, wallet photos, album pages, billboards, ....and yes, even computer screens!)

LIVE PORTRAITS: scan with the Live Portrait app

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