Expressions In Worship - SuzetteAllen
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I have to admit, I have found myself completely lost. I look back at the course of my life and see the destruction--some of it by my own hands, some of it by my own bad luck, whatever that is. But looking at my life now, I can see that my Father in heaven has managed to turn the shattered mess of my life into something amazing. Total restoration, as if I never screwed up. Total healing, as if I never had a brain injury that took me 8 years to recover from. Total favor and blessing as if I hadn’t wasted what I had been given. Even honor and fame as a teacher of digital if could have ever pulled it all together on my own. Only He could reconstruct my life and turn it into something good. There was nothing left of me. Nothing left to salvage of the wreckage of my life...or so I thought.

20 years after my accident with a bull moose that almost ended my life, and brain damage that caused me to destroy whatever was left, I can see that God never wastes time. Even when I could see NOTHING GOOD come out of the pain and loss I endured! I felt like I had lost and wasted 10 years of my life, but He has turned it into good! How on earth does He do it? How can he turn around a totally broken person and a completely shattered life into a person stronger than I ever dreamed of and one who can support and help others? Only by His miraculous healing and love. Only through his kindness and patience when I could do nothing but cry. He loved me back to being whole. He gave me another chance, and he helped me do what I could have never done in a million years. He has even used my painful journey to be a story of hope to encourage others on theirs!

He sent me support and helped me make one good decision at a time, and take one step in the right direction at a time, until I became whole.
Along my journey, He healed every brain impairment.

Words cannot describe the thankfulness I have for the miracle He did in me. I know I was saved for a purpose---His Purpose. And I am honored to spend my life loving and serving Him in everything I do.
-Suzette Allen, Photographic Artist, Digital Imaging Educator

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Phil 4:19

Artist: Suzette Allen
Title: Never give up!